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Best Fiction Editor at Your Service

Every piece of fiction must be edited professionally before it can be published. If you are working with a traditional publishing company then you will have a fiction editor assigned to work with you. In these days of self-publishing and ebook popularity, you cannot depend on your own editing skills to ready the work for publication. We have the best fiction editing service of any site to help you make sure your writing is polished to perfection.

What a fiction editor does?

There is a lot more to fiction editing than reading the work to correct errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Our fiction editors read each piece of writing with a critical eye to spot inconsistencies in the plot and problems with the manner in which the writing is structured. Some of the things we look for when you come to us to hire a fiction book editor are:

  • Is there a beginning and end to the plot?
  • Are the characters believable? This is essential even in the fantsay fiction genre.
  • What roles do the characters play in the plot and the resolution?
  • Is there a climax at which point the action changes?
  • Is the setting of the book well-defined?
  • What is the pace of the action? Is it too fast or too slow?
  • Does the dialogue fit with the plot and the conception of the characters?
  • Are there any characters with which readers can identify?
  • Does the main character come across in the right way?

There are numerous other questions our fiction editors consider when they are carrying out fiction editing service for you. As you can see they do provide you with a thorough job and make sure you understand the reasons for any changes they suggest.

Why you need a fiction editor?

The importance of hiring a fiction editor for your work cannot be emphasized enough. When you reread your own writing, you are very engrossed in the work and you know what is going to happen. Therefore it is easy for you to overlook important errors that can mar the success of your work of fiction. Affordable book editing professionals trained in this skill do not have this familiarity with you and the writing and can make independent decisions based on their experience.

Before you self-publish any writing it is in your best interests to have advice from one of our fiction book editors. In this way you can make the necessary changes so that you will have a best seller.