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Professional Ebook Rephraser for Hire

Do you have an ebook that you would like to rephrase and sell under your own name? Well we can do that for you. Each ebook rephraser on our team has the vocabulary and writing skills needed to transform any ebook into one that will not be viewed as duplicate content. We can take any ebook and through ebook rephrasing we can transform it into a unique item for you to sell and make money.

Ebook rephraser techniques

Ebook rephrasing, or ebook paraphrasing, involves taking each sentence of the ebook and rewriting in in different words. The trick is to retain the main idea of the sentence and paragraph but when you compare the new writing to the original they don’t lookt anything alike.

Some people may think that it is illegal to rephrase ebook writing, but it is not. In fact it is a very good marketing technique to employ to generate traffic to your blog or website. For the most part the material you use for ebook rephrasing should be something that you have written yourself. Then you simply change the wording to make it different. Give it a different title and you can then start selling older ideas in a new format. You make the writing your own with an ebook rephraser.

What an ebook rephraser can do for you

You can obtain great benefits by hiring a professional ebook rephraser. Some of these are:

  • You have a new ebook to sell or give away to entice customers
  • You have information already written that you just adapt to suit your purposes
  • You can bundle articles into an ebook and increase your profits

Finding the best ebook rephraser

There are many free ebooks online that you can also use for ebook paraphrasing. With this work you really do need to hire an ebook rephraser that does the work manually. Software for rewording does not work well because of it doesn’t pick up grammatical errors that must be corrected in order to portray yourself as an expert on the subject.

We have the best ebook rephraser for any niche or topic. You only have to place an order and send us the document for which you want ebook rephrasing. We will give you a free quote as to the cost of the project and when you agree we start work. We will work within the time frame you set so that you have the new ebook ready to use by your deadline.