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The Basics of the ISI Paper Format

ISI is the acronym for the Institute for Scientific Information. It is a treasure trove of scientific material with the database of academic journals numbering in the thousands. The Institute is a great service to scientific research and allows for a researcher to discover what articles are cited most frequently in a given scientific area. It prides itself on being a scientific organization that disseminates high-quality research. The reputation of the ISI allows it to make certain requirements for paper that is submitted.

ISI paper format follows a scientific guide

The writing of scientific finding follows a structure that has been used for generations. It includes title, abstract, a main text that includes methodology, and references among other items. The intent is to see to it that scientific findings can be communicated to a broad community of researchers and scientists. It can be a very rigorous process.

There Is a Certain Style

Scientific paper writing has to convey findings and conclusions in language that is free of any words that are unnecessary to the facts. The researcher must know how to write an ISI paper using the proper tenses of words. This can include present tense for hypothesis and past tense when discussions are about experiment. The grammar can be a serious challenge for anyone who has English as a second language. Nevertheless, the proper tense is expected and the rigorous format of a scientific paper has to be followed. An ISI question paper must include the research question that has generated the research and again it must be in the proper tense format.

We Can Provide a Valuable Service

It should be obvious that an ISI approved paper must go through a lot of grammatical and linguistic gymnastics prior to being accepted. Frustration can arise when rejection is due to the wrong tense being used. We have experience with preparing scientific papers for the Institute. Our scientific manuscript editing service will see to it that the proper tenses used and that the format requirements are part of the final paper.

Having a paper as part of the Institute for scientific information is a major career step. We can definitely be of service in seeing to it that all the hard work done in research is formatted in a way that meets very stringent requirements. It is a sad thing to be rejected for the grammatical lack of a horseshoe nail. We can see to it that the paper is ready for review and has met all the stylistic requirements needed to be accepted.