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Where Do You Find the Editor of a Book?

You should never submit a manuscript to a publisher without having it edited first. You may be an excellent writer, but mistakes can happen in the paragraphs. Problems with grammar and misspellings are just some of the issues that the editor of the book is going to be able to handle. You need to have this expert working for you.

More Than One Type of Editor of a Book

When you start searching for an editor you need to decide which type you want. Editors really do come in all shapes and sizes. A content editor is going to look for inconsistencies such as problems with plot, timelines that aren’t tight, and problems with developing the character. It is a copy editor who’s going to take a look at the writing flow of the book. If you have problems with punctuation and spelling, line managers work on those. Perfection is the work of proofreading. That person will see to it that everything is as it should be prior to submission. You might want to take a quick glance of your draft to help you determine which would be the best professional to employ.

Where Do You Find the Editor of a Book?

The traditional way to find an editor is to call a publishing house and ask for a referral. You might also want to consider calling any book authors you know, and ask them about the experience they had with their editor. There are a number of freelance boards that you can use to post a job order, and receive a number of responses. There’s also the Editorial Freelancers Association that will have job listings.

It is essential that you do not just blindly contract with an editor. It is very important to get the work done properly, because so much is at stake. By all means request referrals, samples of work done in the past, and be willing to have at least a telephone interview with the individual. A good editor is going to cost you several hundred dollars, so you should be a little bit choosy.

There are online editorial services. Make sure that you check the guarantees. A good editorial online service will have a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Also, when you are dealing with these online companies check on their standard operating procedure. You should be able to expect at least two drafts of the editing work for your inspection. These sites should be able to produce what you need within the timeline that you give them.

The Editor of the Book Is Indispensable

The rejection rate of manuscripts is quite high among publishing companies. You do not want that to happen, and a well edited manuscript is the best way to avoid it. Even if you choose self-publish, very few people are going to be bothered with a poor document. The editor is the craftsman who does the final tuning.

Accept any edits done is just part of the process. Editing work may expose some problem in your writing but do not take it personally. Book editing service does can help you become an even better writer. That is a secondary benefit of having a good editor take a look at your manuscript.