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I Will Do It On My Own or 10 Tips on Self-Book Publishing You Need to Know About

You may have decided that you are not going to go the traditional publishing house route. You will instead publish your book by yourself. The Internet allows that opportunity, and people who self-publish have been successful. This is not a simple road to walk down, however. You have to take this as a serious business enterprise. There are few things you should keep in mind as you go about this.

Self-Book Publishing Requires Commitment

  1. It Is All on Your Shoulders. You are taking on the job and you will be wearing quite a few hats. This includes more than just being a writer. You will have to work on the formatting of the book, all the editing work, and the marketing strategy. That last part is the greatest challenge. If you do not have a good marketing plan the book will go nowhere.
  2. You Need To Hire An Editor. The toughest thing for anybody to do is to edit their own book. There’s too much emotional commitment in the pages. It is better to have a third party take a very critical look at your work. There may be some revisions necessary but don’t worry about that. Most major authors will do several revisions before the final copy is done.
  3. The Book Launch Is Critical. This is an essential part of the marketing strategy. It is going to be a week of activities where people who are part of your launch team will go into action. These are website owners and bloggers who have agreed to your book. You also need a number of favorable reviews to help out. This is all going to bring your work to the attention of as many people as possible during this time. It could also get the attention of Amazon and that is a good thing.
  4. Go with Digital over Print. You may have a warm fuzzy feeling about bookstores and a printed book sounds nice. When you do that you forgo a lot of opportunities. Digital allows the use of the Internet to bring potential buyers all over the globe. Granted, a digital e-book is going to command a price considerably less than traditional books (ordinarily under $5). You make up for that price drop in volume which the Internet can provide.

Realistic Expectations Are Important in the Self-Publishing Book World

  1. Don’t Expect Large Sales Figures. The first book you self-publish may only generate a few hundred books or so. It is understandable because there are so many books out there. You may have better luck with the second book.
  2. Think of the Niche Market. You may be writing the Great American Novel, but so is everybody else. Perhaps the best thing to do is write a nonfiction book that appeals to a certain group. These can be investment books, cookbooks, or business publications. Chances are you will get more buyers because there is an already interested audience.
  3. Do the Math When It Comes to Royalties. Booksellers and distribution points like Amazon are going to allow certain percentages of royalties. You have to have an idea of what each will give you, depending on the price of the book.
  4. A Good Book Design Is Really Important. Yes, people do judge a book by looking its cover. If the cover of your book is dull and lifeless, your sales will be dead. Take some time to develop a really good looking cover. While you’re at it, take a look at possible interior design. You want to have a book that looks great and design art will do that.

Consider Your Options

  1. What about a Self-Publishing Company? Time is a thief and your self-publishing may take up all of your time. You may want to consider a number the online publishers that will help you with your book. These are fee-based, but they will offer assistance such as editing and distribution. Be sure to pay for only what you need. Some of these companies will charge an arm and a leg for their services. Assuming that your first book may not be a great seller, consider what a breakeven figure would be. In other words, assuming you are going to spend as much is you will earn on that first attempt
  2. Don’t Give up. It may seem that some of the work you do in self-publishing book is like pushing a stone up the hill. Keep in mind publishing is a business and you have to have a business discipline in your heart to do this. The Internet allows a great opportunity for self-publishing and you can take advantage of it. Set a goal for yourself and be confident. You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome of your efforts.