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Myths and Truths about Professional Book Editing Process

Editing is a necessary part of the publishing process. It is a way of fine-tuning the manuscript so that is acceptable to either a publishing house or the general public. There are a number of myths and half-truths about book editing. Most are believed by people who are trying to figure out a way to reduce costs. Looking at editing that way can be a serious mistake.

Professional Book Editing Is a Diverse Occupation

No, editors are not all the same. There are different types of editors and each category has a unique set of skills. There are copy editors, proofreaders, developmental editors, and substance of editors. Each will approach the manuscript from a different perspective. It makes it important to contract with the proper one. Thinking that an amateur or a family member can do the editing is a risky thought. Such people may not know the nuances of editing or may have an emotional attachment to the writer. These can cause them to overlook problems in the text so as not to hurt the other person’s feelings.

Experienced Professional Should Perform the Book Editing Process

A writer may have the misconception that he or she can do the editing. After all, this person is more familiar with the content and the plot than anybody else. That familiarity is dangerous. It can lead to a book that is ridiculously long, full of uneven pacing, and needed subplots. A professional editor can be a taskmaster but that person is trying to develop a marketable book. Changes and revisions that will improve the book is something that the editor will recommend. Frankly, a writer who decides to edit his or her own book is like a person wishing to be his or her attorney and a court case. It is a risk that can have some very serious consequences.

Professional Book Editing Services Need Close Inspection

The writer may ultimately decide that professional book editing services are required. That is a good first step. Still, some careful scrutiny is required. A freelance editor should be asked for references and examples of work done in the past. The fee rate should be asked and this can be by the hour, the page, or the word. There are some online professional book editing sites that can provide the required services. The truth is, not all of these are good. Once again, references should be checked. An important feature of some of these sites is if they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. That is a very good consideration.

An undisputed truth of professional editing is a good one is committed to producing a very marketable manuscript. Such an individual will criticize text, but with the intention of making a good book a great one. A writer should not take personally any of the editing work is performed. It is all part of the process and can be a very good learning experience. A writer will find out where he or she needs to do a little improvement. The writer will also find out what is really good about his or her writing style. Learning experience can make any fee paid very worthwhile.