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10 Professional Editing Secrets for Your Book

Your book needs to be edited no matter how good a writer you may be. The emotional attachment to the story could make you blind to problems in the content. This can cause your book to be discarded by publishers. That very real chance of rejection is important reason for editing. The process is not difficult and there are a few secret to the trade. They can help you with this all important task.

Editing Secrets You Can Use

  1. Prepare a Style sheet. This should include the font sizes for the text, the chapter headings, and any subheadings. Margins also ought to be thought of on this particular sheet. Use the style sheet as your guide through the editing process. You should refer to it and make sure that everything in your management is consistent with this document.
  2. Be As Objective As You Can Be. It may not be easy because this book is your pride and joy. Nevertheless, you need to be able to produce a marketable and sellable product. That is going meet some tough decisions will be made as you edit the book. It will be worthwhile in the end.
  3. Watch out for the Grammar. Some of the worst mistakes are made with semicolons and colons. The same is true for commas and run-on sentences. If necessary, have a grammar guide next to you as you do the editing work.
  4. Use the Right Words to Get the True Meaning. Words carry pictures and emotions. You want to have exactly the right words to do that. A thesaurus is definitely an editor’s best friend when it comes to this part of the work.
  5. Try Reading the Text out Loud. This is an old editing technique and it really works. What seems plausible when read can be entirely different when spoken. It can help eliminate awkward phrases.
  6. Dare to Revise! Many authors don’t want to do this but whole paragraphs may have to be rewritten. It can even happen that a chapter need to be discarded for the sake of the story. Do not hesitate to do that. The result can be the type of book that you are hoping to sell and that is what matters.
  7. The Numbers in the Book. These need to be written out. It isn’t 100 bushels but one hundred. The trouble is that digits can be aesthetically jarring. Words are much softer.
  8. Be Careful of the Tenses. It is a glaring mistake to go from present to past tense and back again all the time. There is a place for certain tenses and you need to watch out for it.
  9. Seek the Opinion of Others. If you’re having trouble with the chapter as someone else to read it and share with you what they think of it. This could be some very harsh criticism coming, but don’t let that bother you. The reader is somebody who in a sense represents the buying public. His or her reaction could be the reaction of hundreds of other people.
  10. Consider Professional Editing Services. This is worth discussing about all by itself.

Professional Editing Services Can Be Useful

There may be parts of the book editing that are a little bit over your head. Professional help may be needed. Keep in mind there’s more than one type of editing and that you should request specific service for the fee you are going to the charged. The editor will do only what is requested in that situation. There are professional online services to think about. Be sure that you ask for the specific type of editor you need (e.g., content editor, line editor, etc.). If the service has a money back guarantee. It is worth a serious thought.

Accept the Need for Editing

Editing is worthwhile and necessary for the creation of a good book. Understanding that will allow you to go through the process that may seem tedious. The last thing you want to have is rejected book. A good and sound editing job will minimize the chances of that happening.