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How to Edit Fiction Book on Your Own

Everyone wants to write the Great American novel. The problem is that the plots can get lost in the content. Too often writers will compose something and not bother to edit it. There’s a reason why so many manuscripts are rejected. If you have written a fantastic story you want to have this published. The best way to avoid publisher rejection is to do a very good edit of that novel you have composed. Here are some tricks of the trade to follow.

How to Edit Fiction

Verbs, verbs, verbs. Handling this part of speech is a major problem for many authors. The verb has to agree with the subject or subjects, meaning the verb will be singular or plural, depending on the number. The tense of the verb is also a rough spot. You have to remember when to use the present tense and went to use the past tense. It means that you should have a good understanding of the time flow of your manuscript. Dialogue is going to be a very essential to book of fiction. It has to give the image of two people who were actually talking. You cannot assume that the reader will know instinctively. This leads to an important overall concept of novel and that is the point of view. When you edit the work you should make sure that the feelings of the characters are clear. You cannot have a point of view of one person be that of another character in the book. Be careful with the second person. This is when one character will be communicating to another and it must be something that the second person doesn’t know about.

Edit Fiction with the Reader in Mind

A reader wants to be entertained by your fiction. The best of all possible worlds happens when a reader picks up a book and does not put it down until it is finished. This means that as you edit, you must be sure that the start of the book grabs attention and properly introduces all the characters. Be sure that the resolution of the plot, with a big surprise, comes at the end and that you have prepare the reader for some kind of a conclusion. Don’t assume with readers. They are very smart and they can quickly find it. The stakes in the plot. When it comes down to is respecting that person who will be buying your novel and show that deference in the edits.

Do a Complete Job

This means more than just editing until the last page. Any revisions work that has to be done on the book must be done. You cannot assume that a publisher or the buying public will forgive you for mistakes in plot or grammar. Is going to be very critical to have disciplined mind as you edit your fiction. This may be your pride and joy, but you need to have this sell copies. Is not always easy to edit your own fiction, but it can be done. Be willing to sweat the details in expectation of greater rewards later.