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10 “Why’s” on Importance of Asking Help for Your Book and How to Find an Editor

There is a lot of business sense to the old saying the pride goes before the fall. Many authors do not want to admit that they are a little bit deficient when it comes to editing. This makes them not want to seek professional services when it comes to finishing up their book. The trouble with that is writers are not professional editors. They are not quite sure what to look for in the edit process. Seeking professional help is not an admission of a deficiency in your writing skills. It is actually a very pragmatic business decision that authors need to think about.

How to Find an Editor

  1. Know What You Are Looking For. Writer may have no any idea what goes into editing. There’s more than one type of editor; you can be a copy editor or a content editor, line editor or proofreader. These are services that writer can use in developing that’s final perfect manuscript.
  2. Use a Referral. Ask another author if they know of a reputable editor they have used before. You can also approach a publishing company and see if they have a list of recommended editors.
  3. Make Use of a Reputable Sources. There are professional reference books that you can go to and find the right editor. The Writers and Artists Yearbook is an excellent sourcebook to find the editor that you need
  4. Take A Look At Online Freelancer Boards. Boards such as Elance or are used by editors to find clients. Be sure that when you use either, you are very specific as to what you need. You also need to be precise about the price range you are willing to accept. You will be receiving proposals from people all over the globe, and you need to remember that.
  5. Interview the Editor and Ask for a Sample. This is going to be critical if you are working with an editor in another country. Skype interviews can be used very effectively. The editor should be able to provide a sample for work on a sample that you provide. You should know the quality of the work before you agree to any terms.
  6. Insist on References from the Editor. This is where you are asking the editor to prove good customer service. He or she should be able to provide you with the names of writers for whom energy work was done in the past. Having a list of questions as these people is a good idea.
  7. Ask about the Fee to Be Charged. It does no good At all to make use of services from the editor whose price you cannot afford.
  8. Check Published Books. A published book would have the name of the editor and this is a way of sourcing somebody who has worked to produce a book made available to the public.
  9. Check online review boards. Yelp and other such consumer opinion boards can help identify a really good editor.
  10. Consider the Use of a Professional Editing Service. These are online and have been used  successfully by other authors.

You Can Find a Good Editor with a Professional Editing Service

The advantage of an online professional editing service is that they have whatever editor you need for your manuscript. Be sure to check with the fees are and what services are going to be offered. It also is important to see how the service does its business. You should be able to have at least one or more drafts as part of the fee. A 100% money back guarantee is a good sign as well as an on-time delivery guarantee.

Don’t Ignore Editing

It doesn’t matter how hard it is to find a good editor. Editing is an essential part of writing a book. It can help prevent a rejection letter from coming in the mail. The final result is worth the effort expended.