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Cover – Is Everything or How to Find the Book Cover Designer for Hire

Yes, people do judge a book by looking at its cover. Whether a writer is going to use digital or print for the book, it may not sell unless the cover design looks fantastic. The reason is that people in a bookstore or on a website are browsing through the racks and the webpages. The cover has to be something that catches their eye, and sparks their interest. This is so important that a professional book cover designer should be brought in. There are number of ways to track just right person for the job.

Check If the Book Cover Designer Has a Track Record

The cover is important enough for you to make sure that you are dealing with a qualified person. This can be a situation where you invite proposals from various book or designers from a freelancer website. Take a look at some of the book website can also give you a feeling for the type of design work. It is important that you know what you want. That will be conveyed to the designer.

Does the Book Cover Designer Have References/Testimonials?

Do not hesitate to ask for references. That is not being intrusive and the designer should be happy to provide a few. When you contact the references make sure that you have the right type questions to ask. Be as detailed as you need to be in these queries. The testimonials may be found on the book cover designer’s website. There also may be some samples on the website for display. It doesn’t take much to check Yelp to see if anything has been said about the designer. Incidentally, the consumer reviews of book editing services on Yelp are extremely honest.

A Book Designer for Hire Can Be Part of a Package

There are a large number of professional publishing services online. In addition to offering editors and proofreaders, these platforms can also offer help with the design. You may want to consider just cover designer work. This is at a price that is different than that of a freelancer, and may in fact be less expensive. It is essential that you are able to convey an impression of what you like to see to anyone you hire. If you leave it up to the professional designer, you should not complain if you don’t like what you get. Any creative person needs a little guidance from the client. Be able to do that.

Working with a book cover designer can be a very educational experience. This person will no doubt share with the importance of color, shapes, and the type of print that ought to be on the cover. This person has responsibility of making anyone stop a second and look at your book cover. That is half the sales battle won the cover perks the interest and leads the consumer to investigate the book a little bit more. Without that eye catcher you can expect a prospective buyer to just keep moving. The right cover that conveys the right visual is going to be one of the better marketing tools you’ll ever use.