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Is Thesis Editing Important?

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If you are studying for a degree and on the verge of handing in your thesis you will have already have been advised to get your work edited. Academic writing standards are very tough and you have to ensure that your work is completely error free, perfectly formatted and that it reads perfectly. Anything less than this is likely to see your work returned for modifications which could see your graduation delayed by many months or even see you failing to gain your degree. So if you want to ensure that your thesis is going to be accepted on the first submission you need very careful thesis editing as well as to know about editing scientific manuscripts.

Can I Rely on Software for Thesis Editing?

While most word processing packages come with spelling and grammar checkers and there are also more advanced stand alone packages that you can use they are still not going to find all of the issues within your work. Software cannot read, it uses simple rules to see if something is correct but it cannot always see if a word is being used in the correct context or if you really have used the correct grammar. The English language is just too complex for a software package to cope with perfectly, nor can software suggest changes to improve the readability of your work. While software is a good place to start your scientific editing process as it can catch many obvious problems it cannot be relied on to ensure that your work is going to be perfect.

Can You Do Your Own Thesis Editing?

Doing thesis editing yourself is not likely to effective, most people find it very difficult to identify and remove errors in their own work as they are just far too familiar with what they wanted to write. Most people also will not be able to spot how to make improvements to their own work. If you do want to edit your own writing however the following tips will help:

  • Leave as much time as possible between writing and editing
  • Edit in bite size chunks that you can handle
  • Use a different format to edit in than you write in: most of the time it is better to edit a printed copy rather than directly on the computer
  • Slow down your reading and improve your concentration:
    • Use a larger font size
    • Touch every word in turn when reading
    • Mask out sentences after the one you are reading
    • Read the work backwards
  • Read your work out loud: record and play it back

We Provide Guaranteed Thesis Editing

Our thesis editing services are highly specialized and yet also very affordable. We aim for the full satisfaction of every client and provide a full money back guarantee based on your satisfaction. We can reliably provide our clients with quality thesis editing as we provide you with:

  • Highly qualified and very experienced editors;
  • Your editor will hold a higher degree in a subject relevant to your thesis;
  • Your editor will have native fluency in English;
  • Your editor will fully understand academic formatting and referencing for your thesis.

And if you don’t know how to edit Powerpoint slide for your presentation, no need to worry because our team can handle that as well.

So if you are looking for fast and effective thesis editing that you can rely on just contact our expert editing services here today!