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How to Publish a Manuscript: Step-by-Step

Do you need to know how to publish a manuscript?

how to publish a manuscript

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Many writers would love to see their name in print but they just don’t know how to publish a manuscript. There are several ways that you could go about having your work published and the following sections will help you to decide which is best for you.

Approaching a publisher directly

There are a few differences in approach between fiction and nonfiction work when it comes to working directly with a publisher. Once you have identified a publisher that you would like to work with (usually a publisher that publishes similar work to what you have written or intend to write) you should then:

Fiction works:

  • First write your manuscript: if you are accepted they may impose a deadline to receive your work so it is often best to have the work already completed
  • Send a letter of enquiry: this should explain who you are, what you are writing about and the first three chapters of your book for them to review
  • If they like your work they will make an offer for the book: however this can take anywhere from a couple of months to more than a year
  • Provide your final manuscript in the format that they request

Nonfiction works:

These will differ mainly around what you do with your letter of inquiry to the publisher:

  • Send your letter of enquiry, you will need to include:
    • A detailed outline of your manuscript: table of contents and summaries of chapters
    • A sample chapter
    • Likely audience and size of the audience
    • Similar books and what they have sold
    • Your qualifications to write in this field
    • Why your book is a unique contribution to your specific field

Find a literary agent for your manuscript publishing

A professional literary agent will know precisely how to publish a manuscript in the best way. Finding one that will accept you however is never that easy. A literary agent works on commission so if they do not see that your manuscript has the potential to sell well then they are unlikely to want to work with you. This can rule out many non-fiction writers that are writing in niches that are not going to see huge sales. Typically a literary agent will be looking to take about 15% from the sales of your book but they will do all of the running around between publishers to pitch your work and find someone willing to publish.

Self publishing

For manuscripts it can be a simple task to have your work published electronically through sites such as Amazon. However this will often require that you learn how to not only write and format your work correctly but also how to market your own work online. There are many guides available as to how to publish a manuscript yourself online.

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