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Best Medical Manuscript Proofreading Services

Why Is Manuscript Proofreading Important?

manuscript proofreading

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Writing in most fields needs to be perfect if you want what you have written to be accepted and for it to be understood correctly. Simple spelling mistakes and punctuation errors are capable of completely changing the meaning of something and can cause significant issues especially in fields such as medicine or law. This is why careful manuscript proofreading or correct editing manuscripts for publication is required with any documents before you submit them. This is as applicable for reports during your education, to manuscripts for publication.

Can You Rely on Software for Manuscript Proofreading?

Many people foolishly rely on their computers to correct all of the mistakes that they make when they write. No one is perfect when it comes to writing and we all make mistakes, software will often catch many of these mistakes but it will not catch them all. I am sure that you have seen your computer incorrectly correct a word or fail to highlight a word that is correctly spelled but it is out of context. Software will find some problems but it will not find them all. It is a good place to start for your proofreading but it should never be relied on as your only method.

Proofreading Your Own Manuscripts

Proofreading your own work can actually take longer than the initial writing as you will have to very carefully and methodically work your way through what you have written. The problem is that we are rarely able to actually spot any mistakes within our writing as we will tend to read what we intended to write not what is actually written. There are however a few ways that we can improve the success of our own manuscript proofreading:

  • Never proofread directly after writing: try to leave as big a gap as possible
  • Split the manuscript into manageable bites to work on
  • If you normally work directly on the computer use a printed copy for proofreading
  • Find ways to reduce your reading speed: increase font size, touch a pencil to every word in turn as you read, use a ruler to cover each line, read backwards
  • Only search for one type of error at a time: spelling, punctuation, etc.
  • Read what you have written out loud: use your cell phone or computer to record and listen to the playback.

Use Our Manuscript Proofreading Services for the Best Results

Technical proofreading as well as report editing is not something that can be done effectively by just anyone yet many of the sites that offer these services provide them through unqualified and unproven freelancers. If you need medical proofreading or any other specialty then it will need to be done by someone that really understands the subject. This is why we are very selective in employing our staff to work with you. Our editors and proofreaders are all selected for their superior skills and qualifications:

  • All have qualifications in scientific editing or proofreading;
  • Your editor will hold a higher degree which is relevant to the subject area of the manuscript you would like reviewed, you always work with a subject expert;
  • All proofreaders fully understand academic formatting and referencing;
  • All have native level English language skills.

In addition to the very best proofreaders available online we also support everything they do through our guaranteed services:

  • On time delivery guarantee;
  • Full satisfaction money back guarantee;
  • Around the clock support through friendly knowledgeable staff;
  • Highly affordable and very confidential services.

So if you are looking for the most effective manuscript proofreading services that you can find online at a competitive price contact our experts here today!