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The abstract is one of the most important parts of your dissertation or thesis and is often the first part that anyone will ever read. It is your opportunity to summarize your whole research and show the reader just how important what you have done is. It is however for many students also one of the most difficult parts to write. So if your abstract is going to impress you will need to ensure that the abstract editing or proposal editing that you have done is done perfectly.

How to do abstract editing

Editing your abstract or any other dissertation editing needs to be done very carefully if you are going to impress the reader and of course get your dissertation to pass. Editing is best done by searching not for every issue at the same time but by reading through the whole abstract for each type of error in turn:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Words used incorrectly in the wrong context
  • Improper use of punctuation, an incorrectly placed comma can completely change the meaning
  • Grammar use: for instance fragments, run on sentences, incorrect tenses, subject and verb agreement
  • Word selection: are their more appropriate words that could have been used?
  • Flow: does it flow logically from start to finish? Are transitions between sentences and paragraphs correct
  • Writing style: for instance passive vs. active voice

Editing also needs to be done in peace and you will need time to be able to do it correctly, often far more time than you actually spent on the initial writing in many cases.

Doing your own abstract editing

Doing your own editing is not always the best way forward if you want to ensure that your abstract is error free and perfectly written. We often overlook issues within our own writing due to that fact that we are just too familiar with it. However the following tips will help you with doing your abstract editing:

  • Use your spelling and grammar checker first, but don’t rely on your computer to find everything
  • Leave as much time as you can before you start to edit
  • Start with the big picture: is your abstract the right size, does it say the right things
  • Is the formatting correct
  • Slow your reading to help spot errors, try reading in reverse, covering lines, printing in a larger font
  • Read it aloud so you can hear exactly how it sounds

We can provide expert abstract editing

We are a highly professional and very specialized scientific editing company that can ensure that your abstract is perfect before it is submitted. We know the importance of meeting academic requirements with regards to format and error free perfect writing. This is why when you use us you will be working with one of the very best editors you will find online:

  • Our editors are fully qualified and very experienced at editing academic work
  • They hold higher degrees in the specific areas in which they provide editing services
  • They fully understand academic referencing and formats
  • They have native level English language skills

So if you need abstract editing to a high standard at a price that you can afford just contact our experts here today for a guaranteed service!