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Tips on How to Format a Manuscript

Why Do You Need to Know How to Format a Manuscript?

Submitting a manuscript for publication can be a nervous time for any writer, not every manuscript will be published and many will get rejected for issues that you should have done something about before you made your submission.

Publishers and even journals and magazines have very specific requirements for formatting a manuscript and if you do not follow these requirements then you will find your work rejected, even if it is the best piece of writing they have ever seen. Therefore it is vital that you carefully format your manuscript or at least find out more about editing a manuscript tips before you send it out and edit it carefully to ensure that you meet their every requirement.

Learning How to Format a Manuscript

Every publisher, magazine, or agent will have slightly different requirements with regards to the formatting that they require. So it is important that you carefully check their expectations before you submit your work to ensure that you format correctly.

The following guidelines will give you some ideas as to what they will expect, most will ask for something very similar to this:

  • Page should have clear 1” margins on all sides;
  • Font should be an easy to read font such as Arial, Courier or Times New Roman and in 12pt size;
  • There should be an initial, un-numbered, title page;
  • Every page should have a clear header in caps: Author, Title and page number;
  • Chapters should start one third of the way down the page;
  • Chapter number and title should be in caps and separated by two hyphens;
  • Text should begin 4 to 6 lines below the title;
  • All paragraphs should be indented 5 spaces;
  • All text should be double spaced.

Even if they have no rules for formatting the above guidelines will ensure that your manuscript looks professional and clean. If you are providing a hard copy print on good quality white bond paper.

Editing to Ensure Your Manuscript Format Is Correct

When you have finished writing any manuscript you should always have your work edited. There are very few writers out there that do not use a professional editor to review their work prior to submission to ensure that their work is free of errors, well written and of course correctly formatted for the publisher. Scientific editing is not something that you could do, if you want to ensure that your work is going to be treated with respect and that you are going to be published then you will need to ensure that your writing is the best that it can be through methodical editing.

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We Know How to Format a Manuscript

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