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Best Apps for Writers You MUST Try out

the best apps for writing

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Writing on Apps

Few decades ago, when the typing had been introduced in the world, the people took a lot of time in accepting it. They were used to of manual writing and considered it hard to learn or perform. However, they got used to of typing after seeing its benefits and conveniences. Similarly, the technology has reached the other level after giving us opportunity to write content on the apps. This shows that you don’t need to download MS-Word or other writing platforms. Writing on apps also sound strange and not appealing but its advantages are mind-blowing. Anything that provides more convenience and benefits grab more attention of people for sure. Have a look at some suggested apps for authors you will probably read here for the first time.

Creative Writing Apps You Should Definitely Try

There is a list of some creative and highly inventive writing apps that are leading the charts on internet. These apps have taken the internet by storm and many writers have switched from the conventional way of writing. The names of few must-download apps for writing are:

  • la Writer Pro
  • Beautiful Tarot
  • Lists of Writers
  • Index Card
  • Goodreader
  • Agent Obvious
  • The Brainstormer
  • Story Tacker
  • Mind Node

The major reason of choosing these apps is to enjoy the ease of writing in the handier devices. The time has gone when people used to put the heavy laptops on their laps. Many people still use desktop computers to write the content in the outdated manner. Though, it sounds not great to say to say traditional writing outdated but this is the reality after arrival of numerous useful apps. You can write whatever you want by getting the variety of options for browsing websites and editing the text as well.

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Choose Any Best Paid App for Writers

Here is the list of some paid apps every writer should download for the ideal writing experience. These apps are definitely being offered by the more features and add-ons. Therefore, the professional authors would also find it an amazing choice for writing valuabale content. Choose any of the best app for writers from the shared list.

  • Hanx Writer
  • OmniOutliner 2
  • Olysses
  • Write for iPad or Write for iPhone
  • MS-Word for IOS or MS-Word for Android
  • WriteChain

All of these apps are worth installing and using for sure. Therefore, you can choose any of the one option and pay a small one-time charges of the chosen app. The use of mobile applications seem quite difficult for writing as authors find it convenient to write by using large keyboards and on big screens. However, this problem can also be solved as the mobile apps are also compatible for tablets. You can enjoy soundless typing by having less pain in fingers.

Free Apps Good for Writing

If you don’t want to spend money on buying writing apps, you have many choices for installing the free apps. These apps are good for first-time users to experience writing on the handheld devices. Secondly, some free apps are offering similar features to any paid app. Therefore, you can also download any of these and save money by getting full convenience. These are few best paid apps for writing.

  • JotterPad
  • Writer
  • WerdSmith
  • AtomicWriter
  • MyBlogu
  • Bunkrapp
  • Crystal
  • Scrivener
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Evernote

You can download any of these free apps to enjoy unforgettable experience and convenience of writing. The best features with no fee sounds great as well as appeal many writers. Make sure that you check the compatibility of app with your device. Otherwise, some features won’t function properly. These days, many expert writers take advantage of the writing apps that undoubtedly shows the success of writing app industry. You should also try any of the suggested apps.

The apps for writing with the most useful features are being shared here. Try out the best apps for writers and order our services, if you need qualified help!