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How to Master the Art of Writing in 15 Simple Steps

ideas for creative writing you can use now

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Writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea even if they’ve good grasp of English language. There are many factors that can help you in polishing this skill with the passage of time. Have a look at some ideas for creative writing.

  1. Read to learn, learn to read

Yes, reading must be your regular habit to become master of writing. Nothing can be highly advantageous rather than reading.

  1. Writing habits are helpful

There is no need to suggest it but some writers-to-be spend few hours on writing. Try to give ample time for building the strong writing skills.

  1. Forget making grammatical errors

Nobody is going to give you second chance at all. Try to improve your tenses, spellings and way of adding punctuation marks.

  1. Read the related content

If you want to become an academic writer, you must focus on reading the dissertations or thesis journals. There is a countless content available on internet. So, be selective.

  1. Improve the speaking skills as well

A good writer must speak English language fluently. Listening can help you in building excellent speaking skills. Both of these are linked to build strong writing skills.

  1. Do a lot of practice

It is not necessary that you need to begin writing with the improved grammar skills. The fact is that writing practice also helps to buildup excellent writing skills. So, practice daily writing.

  1. Get clear

Ask yourself about the reasons that forced you to write. The ringing and clear intention result in giving you the clarity about your goal.

  1. Try to stay to the point

Keep your focus on the points that never make readers feel bored. Try to use the hacks that keep the readers stick to your content. It’s only possible if you avoid diverting from the actual subject.

  1. Choose a happy place to write

Whatever it takes to help you relax and unclench, do that with no reluctance. For instance, put a light-scented candle in the surrounding or play energizing music.

  1. Set a limit of time

You’re not born to only write indeed. Setting the deadlines and time limit are good to maintain quality of content and avoiding errors. It’s best to write few good to read lines than four full pages with low quality content.

  1. Ask, “What will my mentor write?”

Try channeling one of your favorite heroes if you’re struggling with a sensitive piece of writing where hitting the right emotional tone is beneficial.

  1. Create an engaging closing part

Wrapping up your writing with an open-ended prompt is never suggested as compared to take a decisive stance. Be open to get the feedback of others and request readers to give their review.

  1. Read it out loud

Whatever you write, try to read it out loud to catch more errors. This is a fact that a human cant spot the mistakes earlier by reading through eyes than by hearing from ears.

  1. Write something meaningful

Yes, you read it right. The titles and topics also play important role to improve your writings. After all, the whole text of your article depends upon this one-line statement.

  1. Learn how to edit writing

You need to search helpful tutorials and guides for learning the exact ways of editing the text content. Be familiar of the editing process as well. This is the important suggestion to become a writing master.

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What Do Writing Experts Say?

  • The famous quote by a renowned author Siddhartha Mukherjee is, “Writing anything as an expert is really poisonous to the writing process, because you lose the quality of discovery”.
  • A famous quote by Flannery O’Connor is important to share here as well. She said, “I find that most people know what a story is until they sit down to write one”.
  • William Safire doesn’t need any introduction in writing industry. He shared his thoughts with this quote, “And don’t start a sentence with a conjunction. (Remember, too, a preposition is a terrible word to end a sentence with.)”

Who says that it’s hard to find workable ideas for creative writing? You can get all the related info here without any need of searching books and online articles. Good Luck for your Writings.