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Writing Tips from Famous Authors You Should Follow

advice how to edit from famous authors

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When we begin writing on any topic or title, the first thing that should come in our mind is the actual subject of that topic. There are many factors one needs to consider to excel in the field of writing. Otherwise, it’s hard to make mark in this field. The writing industry is comprised of many experts and professionals. Therefore, the competition in this industry is reaching the seventh cloud. Take a look of few important tips you must consider to be called as a writing expert or excellent author.

Don’t limit your reading & study everything else

The famous author Michael Moorcock has shared his valuable thought about writing with the new writers. He focused on the point that one shouldn’t only read content related to their particular interest of genre. A good author always try to read the articles from different genres and love to explore more till their last breath, there you can find a lot of ideas for creative writing. Therefore, it’s better to read text of every type without any reluctance. The process however remains continued.

Protect the space and time

According to a renewed author Zadie Smith, you need to protect the space and time in which you write. Even the people who’re most important to you should be kept away from it. This is the key to become a professional writer.

Writing good fiction without internet connection

Jonathan Franzen is a famous writer who doesn’t need any introduction. She said that internet connection in a workplace become major hurdle of writing a good fiction story or any non-descriptive essay. Therefore, you should try to write by disconnecting internet.

Professional proofreading is also important

According to the famous author Rose Tremain, “Listening to preferences and criticisms of the reliable first readers is important”. This shows that proofreading and editing by focusing on the criticisms generated by your readers would be effective. Therefore, never let go every minor error if you really want to write the error-free content. People who don’t rely upon proofreading in professional manner can’t get proper attention of readers as well as praises for their writings.

Don’t panic

The first time or new writers feel a lot of hesitation while writing every sentence of their articles. They only want to see each sentence with the eye of readers and start feeling panicked sometimes. This feeling would give them nothing instead of spoiling the quality of their work. Therefore, it’s better to feel relaxed and start writing without any hassle.

Be your personal editor

According to Will Self, one of the solitary confinement is the writing life. If you can’t deal with this, you don’t need to apply. This shows that you need to become your own editor. The editing and fixing of errors is not easier. So, you must try to rely on yourself and start editing a short story, for practice.

Be clear to your points

Whatever you write, the first priority is to stay concise and clear while conveying the message. When you begin to share the irrelevant facts or stories out of the track of main subject, the readers automatically lose interest from your writings. A good article is always written by discussing all the relevant facts and interesting info to grab attention of the readers.

Don’t try to replicate properly

It’s true that we read articles to seek knowledge and gathering facts for writing the articles. But the word-by-word imitation of text content also affect the uniqueness of content. Therefore, it’s better to avoid paraphrasing of the exact content without making any changes in it. This will be quite helpful for you in the future.

Once you rely on all of the discussed tips. You can definitely become an expert writer of the future. Endorse yourself in a unique way and try to bring something quirky than other authors. Learn to love your writing profession by doing it perfectly.

Let’s start edit writing of text content by following the shared useful tips. You’d definitely love all of these tips to become a good and famous writer.