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How Our Essay Formatting Service Can Save Your Time and Money

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Why Would I Need Someone to Format and Edit My Essay?

Whether you are a student or writing elsewhere it is important that your writing is of a high standard. Grammatically incorrect writing, poorly structured and formatted papers, and mistakes will not only cause you lower grades, they also prevent people taking your work seriously. Mistakes in your formatting in academia could see papers being rejected or many months of delays while you fix the problems.

Our essay editing services online is available to provide you with a full range of services from capstone editing through to formatting your PhD thesis. We use only fully certified editors, many of whom have worked for us for 5 years or more. They work through our services to ensure that your papers will be completed to the right academic style and to a high standard. An essay formatting service is required by many as it simply is not easy to spot problems with your own writing. Nor is it easy to get all aspects of your formatting right, especially if it is all new to you. Often it is best to have your editing and formatting done by an essay editing service such as ours to ensure that it is done correctly.

What Essays Can We Help You With?

The format of essay writing becomes more important the further you progress with your education and you will want to ensure that yours is perfect to get the results that you want. There are basically four main types of essays that you could write and these are detailed here below:

  • Narrative essay: this is an essay within which you will tell a story, often about yourself.
  • Descriptive essays: these are essays in which you will seek to paint a picture of something
  • Expository style essays: this type of essay will lay out the facts about something
  • Persuasive or argumentative essays: this essay will try to convince the reader to your way of thinking

No matter what style of essay you write it needs to be written in the correct style for the course that you are following so that it has a consistent style that anyone familiar with the course and the format can follow. The importance of getting the format right along with all other aspects becomes more important the further you progress with your education hence the need for quality essay editor online .

What Styles of Formatting Can You Use?

There are many formatting guidelines that you may be asked to follow and this will often depend very much on the subject area that you are following and even the specific university or college that you are studying at. Many may even have specific requirements that may be required only by them such as those required by some learned journals. The important thing is to review and follow the instructions for the formatting so that you can give proper references in a consistent style and lay out your papers correctly.

Whether you are writing an essay in APA format or writing an annotated bibliography in MLA style you need to follow the specifications of the style perfectly and in a consistent manner. Some styles have alternative ways of doing things for instance and if not specified you must make sure that you choose one option for doing your citations for instance.

The following are a few of the most common styles that you may be asked to write using:

  • APA American Psychological Association style is one of the most commonly used styles and has been around since 1929. A typical reference for a book in APA style will look like: Last, F. M. (Year Published) Book. City, State: Publisher. An example image can be viewed here at Berkeley College.
  • MLA Modern Languages Association is often used within the humanities especially when writing about literature and language. A typical reference in MLA style looks like Last, First M. Book. City: Publisher, Year Published. Print. An example of MLA citations can be viewed through Evergreen Valley College.
  • Chicago style has been in print since 1906 through the University of Chicago and is in its 16th edition. It offers two distinct styles of citations but only one should be used within your writing at any one time. A typical reference will look like: Last, First M. Book Title. City: Publisher, Year of publication. You can view examples of a properly formatted bibliography with the Purdue Owl.
  • IEEE style is for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and is widely used within engineering and technology fields. Citations are in numerical order with the numbers within square brackets.

Tips on How to Edit an Essay

Getting your writing correct is never simple and many of us simply cannot see errors and issues with our own writing. This is why it is so much easier to turn to a professional editing service to get your format of essay writing correct. However, if you are going to do your own editing the following guidance will help you:

  • Leave as much time as possible between writing and editing; reduce your familiarity with the writing before you start to work on it again.
  • Print out your work in a larger than usual font; it is far easier to spot problems on paper than looking at the computer screen.
  • Read it out loud; issues with grammar, incorrect words and many other issues will jump out simply through reading aloud what you have written.
  • Search for one issue at a time; review all of your citations and references to ensure that they are correctly formatted, then check your word choices, and so forth.
  • Be ruthless with your editing; often there is a huge amount of filler within our writing, chop it out and make your writing as concise as possible.

Another thing to consider is this tip:

Why Should I Use You to Format My Paper in APA Style?

We are a highly professional and effective service that knows how to edit an essay or larger paper so that it is well written and in the correct academic style. All of our support is provided through specialist that is not only certified editors with a full understanding of the different formatting styles, they are also qualified with postgraduate degrees that are relevant to the subjects in which they work.

We offer affordable services of a high standard that are delivered to you quickly and to your specific needs at all times. We provide all services with free plagiarism testing and also free proofreading so that you can be sure that your writing is totally free of mistakes and copying. We also cap this off with a money back full satisfaction guarantee.

Make sure that your writing will be exactly to the requirements that you have to meet with the help and support of our easy to use and reliable essay formatting service!