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Cover – Is Everything or How to Find the Book Cover Designer for Hire

Yes, people do judge a book by looking at its cover. Whether a writer is going to use digital or print for the book, it may not sell unless the cover design looks fantastic. The reason is that people in a bookstore or on a website are browsing through the racks and the webpages. The […]

The Best 10 Tips for Your Daily Writing Practice

If you want to improve as a writer you have to work at it. This is not a profession that you can just dabble in. Writing is a discipline that takes time to develop and lots of practice. Daily writing is something that should be a part of your routine. Here are some things to […]

20 Simple Book Editing Tips for Powerful Writing

Editing can be a real trip to the dentist chair for a number of writers. They simply have a hard time going through the process, and often wonder if it is really worthwhile. It most certainly is! The writer has to be resigned to see to it that any book written is thoroughly edited for […]

Top 8 “Must” Book Manuscript Formatting Tips for Beginners and Professionals

A book manuscript is not finished until the formatting is done. This is a special assignment that the writer has to expect to perform, or else have somebody else do it. There are number of things to be kept in mind to make a manuscript’s format look as good as it should be. A Manuscript […]

10 Publishing Basics for Beginners

You may be thinking right now of publishing your own books. There is certainly a possibility and the Internet is allowing quite a few publishing opportunities. This is a do-it-yourself project that has quite a number of parts to it. You can’t just write a book in a Word document and hope that people are […]

Make It Play! Or Top 10 Tips How to Improve Your Writing Skills in Visualizing the Story

A fiction writer has to create a story that holds a reader’s attention. They have to give a real image in the mind’s eye that starts with the first pages and goes all the way to the end. This requires good writing skills. People are rarely born with expert style in writing can be learned […]

10 “Why’s” on Importance of Asking Help for Your Book and How to Find an Editor

There is a lot of business sense to the old saying the pride goes before the fall. Many authors do not want to admit that they are a little bit deficient when it comes to editing. This makes them not want to seek professional services when it comes to finishing up their book. The trouble […]

10 Professional Editing Secrets for Your Book

Your book needs to be edited no matter how good a writer you may be. The emotional attachment to the story could make you blind to problems in the content. This can cause your book to be discarded by publishers. That very real chance of rejection is important reason for editing. The process is not […]

Myths and Truths about Professional Book Editing Process

Editing is a necessary part of the publishing process. It is a way of fine-tuning the manuscript so that is acceptable to either a publishing house or the general public. There are a number of myths and half-truths about book editing. Most are believed by people who are trying to figure out a way to […]

Top 5 Nuances What You Know For Book Proofreading

You should never, ever submit your work to a publisher unless you have proofread it first. You may be an extremely good writer but mistakes happen. It is important to remember that many manuscripts are rejected because of misspellings, grammatical errors, or just bad formatting. As you go about this task, here a couple of […]