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Our Best Editing Example

Can an Editing Example Help You?

Whether you are a student writing an essay or your thesis, or an author writing your manuscript for publication you will know that there is often room for improvement within what you have written. None of us write perfectly; we make mistakes and there are often better ways in which something could have been said. But finding those issues within our own writing is often very difficult as we tend to see what we intended to write and are rarely able to look at our own creation critically enough.

Editing examples however can provide you with a lot of guidance as to how you should improve your own writing. Using cheap editing services is not always within the budget of every writer so they often need to do their own editing. So these are often a great place to start if you want to improve your editing skills and ultimately improve your own writing.

How to Use Editing Samples

Examples of editing are a perfect way to hone your own skills and to understand how to improve your writing. They can show you what needs to be changed and why allowing you to use those ideas and principles within your own work. Of course you should never just blindly copy anything that you see. You need to approach your own editing with a clear idea as to who your audience is and what they expect. Not just accept what you have seen on any examples as being correct and suitable for your own writing. Always look at any examples critically before applying what you have learned.

How to Improve Your Own Editing

The following are some simple tips to help you with editing your own work effectively so that you can ensure that your work will be effective. Once you have finished your editing you will of course need to go through the writing again and proofread it to ensure that there are no spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors within your work.

In order to improve your editing:

  • Always try to leave as much time as possible between writing and editing to reduce your familiarity with the writing.
  • Always start with the big picture:
    • Does your essay or paper address what you were trying to write about?
    • Is it written appropriately for your target audience?
    • Does it flow well from start to finish? Are your transitions between sections effective?
    • Is it easy to understand? Is it clear or ambiguously written?
  • Are your word choices appropriate and effective?
  • Is your writing concise or have you added unwanted filler?
  • Have you used clichés where you could have used more unique wording?
  • Is everything formatted correctly?

Our Academic Editing Services Can Help You

professional editing serviceIf you don’t have the time or feel that you don’t have the required skills then our professional editing services can help you. We are highly competitively priced and offer our services through postgraduate degree qualified experts that are certified to work as editors and proofreaders. They will work through your writing to ensure that it is perfect for your audience.

So if you are looking at an editing example and are not sure what to do with your own writing just contact our experts here today for totally reliable help in ensuring that your writing gets that final perfect polish.