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Book Proofreading Services

Our Important Book Proofreading Services

best book proofreader Consistency and accuracy is critical for the success of book writing and the only way for that to be accomplished is by way of careful book proofreading. Each book that makes it to the shelves was proofread by a professional at least one time. Authors who desire to make profitable book sales should also ensure quality. Your good friend may be good at spotting typos in his or her favorite newspaper or magazine. However, your friend is still nowhere near the level that a proofreader who is trained will be. Authors are provided with assurance that no embarrassing or damaging mistakes will be missed in their book.

Some of the Benefits of Our Book Proofreading Services

professional book proofreadingThe eagle eyes of our proofreaders miss absolutely nothing. Consistency is our motto and we skillfully look for and find even misplaced apostrophes.  We provide the fresh eye to books that are written by professionals who have already done a fair amount of proofreading of their document. It is highly possible that they miss some errors because they are too attached to their work. They are reading what they want to be there and not what is actually on the page. Another reason for missing an error is that they might not be aware that a particular error is an error. This is usually displayed in the spelling, grammar and punctuation of the material. Proofreading books is what we do while they are good at writing. Therefore, our editing services are required to straighten out texts to make them publisher-ready. Each book proofreader that we hire knows all the minute but essential details of the English Language.

What Our Book Proofreading Services Will Not Do

The proofreading process is not one that makes any improvement to the style of writing like what is done in copy editing. Our book proofreaders do not include formatting work outside of the basic type. We do not advertise ourselves as designers but professional proofreaders.

Choose our professional and talented book proofreading services to put your books in stores and in the hands of intrigued and satisfied readers!