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Our Professional Thesis Editing Service

Do You Really Need Thesis Editing?

professional thesis editingWriting a thesis is a task that is going to take you many months of hard work. At the end of which your work is still not complete; academic writing standards are very strict and your thesis will need to conform fully if you are going to get your thesis accepted and to pass your degree. This means that you will need to carefully edit of proofread your thesis to ensure that it is perfectly formatted and written as well as being completely free of errors. Achieving this however is very difficult as thesis proofreading and editing by your own hand is highly inefficient; even your tutor will suggest the use of a thesis editing and paraphrasing service to ensure that your thesis is perfect.

Our Editors Are Qualified to Provide Your Thesis Editing

professional thesis proofreadingOur thesis editing service is not provided by software nor do we use unqualified and uneducated staff as some less reputable online services provide. We know that the level of editing that you receive will only ever be as good as the editor that provides it.

So if we are going to provide you with a service that will edit your thesis to the tough academic standards expected the editor will need to be one of our very best:

  • Educated to a minimum of a masters degree in a subject area related to your research
  • Access to relevant research in your subject area
  • A fully professionally qualified editor with experience of academic editing
  • Full understanding of academic formatting, referencing and citations
  • Native level English language fluency

How Will Our Editors Provide Thesis Editing?

Our highly qualified editor with work through your thesis methodically to:

  • Ensure that your formatting is perfectly correct
  • Check all references and citations to ensure that they are right
  • Correct any spelling mistakes that they find
  • Correct any words that have been misused; such as its and it’s
  • Correct all punctuation errors
  • Correct any issues with your use of grammar
  • Check and correct any issues with facts or calculations
  • Check that the overall flow and structure of your thesis is correct
  • Suggest any changes required to transitions
  • Suggest any alternative word choices
  • Suggest changes to writing style or readability

All changes will be provided on a marked up draft so that you can see precisely what the editor is suggesting to change. At this stage you can choose which specific changes you wish to accept and which you do not want to implement retaining control over the final look of your thesis and its content.

Guaranteed Thesis Editing

When we provide our thesis editing service we provide you with the very best editors to work with and also provide you with all of the help and support that you would expect from a professional editing company such as ours. This means that your editing will be:

  • Delivered within your deadline at all times
  • Covered by our money back full satisfaction guarantee
  • 24hr around the clock support for all our clients
  • Highly affordable editing services that are aimed at a student’s pockets

So if you need help with your thesis editing to ensure that it will have the best chances of sailing through on your submission just contact our professional thesis editing services here today!