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Professional Book Editing Services

Would you need professional book editing services?

Writing a book is a task that can potentially take years; however at the end of the writing process you are still not finished. None of us can write perfectly so you will need to carefully review your writing to ensure that all errors are eliminated and that any required improvements for your writing are made. No author wants to send a book for publication unless their writing is perfect. But editing your own work is never easy; it is both very time consuming and very inefficient. This is why you need to use our professional book editing services.

Our book editing service uses only the best qualified editors

We know that the quality of any editing that is performed will only ever be as good as the editor that is used. Many of the websites that offer editing online do so through the use of cheap and unqualified freelancers that often barely speak English. As you can imagine the results of the editing through these services are highly unsatisfactory.

This is why you need to use our professional book editing services which are staffed by editors that are:

  • Professionally qualified online editors
  • Holders of PhD or Masters degrees from recognized universities
  • Highly experienced book editors; both fiction and non-fiction
  • Native English language fluency

How will our professional book editing service help you?

book editing service

We will provide you with the most relevantly qualified editor for your all important manuscript. Our professional editors will work through your book to:

  • Correct any issues with formatting, citations, and referencing
  • Eliminate all spelling mistakes including words which have been used out of context such as it’s and its
  • Correct all issues with punctuation and grammar
  • Look at the overall flow of your work and make any necessary corrections
  • Look at all of the transitions within your writing
  • Make suggestions to improve your word choices where appropriate
  • Suggest changes to your writing style

All changes will be supplied within a marked up draft, you can then work your way through and decide which changes you want to accept allowing you to maintain full control of your book.

We provide guaranteed professional book editing

professional book editing

We provide professional editing services that fully support our clients with all of the guarantees and other support that you would expect from a professional editing company. You can order your book manuscript editing through us with the full confidence that the work will be completed to the highest of standards by our qualified editors and that we will provide you with:

  • A full satisfaction money back guarantee on your editing
  • Short lead times and guaranteed on time delivery
  • Around the clock support and feedback
  • Highly affordable and confidential services

So if you are looking for professional reliable help that you can afford just contact our professional editing services here today!