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Risks of Hiring Freelance Book Editors

The Likely Risk of Hiring a Freelancer for Book Editing

A freelancer, also called freelance worker can be described as a self-employed person who is not in a long term committed agreement with any employer. An agency or company sometimes represents freelancers. They sell their labor to clients and this might not include project management. Other freelancers are totally independent. In the book publishing business, freelance book editors are potentially more risky when compared to hiring a book editing company.

The High Cost and Risk of Hiring a Freelancer

Freelance book editing can be considered precarious work, as in other causal work types. As such they usually require larger amounts of money than an editor that does work through a company would ask for. They have to take care of all of their needs with the money they get from work, which is sometimes few and far in between. This tends to be the cause for the high freelance book editing rates. Costly pitfalls can occur like mistakes in the layout of the book that might be recognized too late and since they work on their own, there is no way to force them to be responsible for fixing the problem and can result in seriously robbing your material of value.

How to Avoid the Risk of Hiring a Freelancer

Hiring a freelance fiction editor and other book editors that do freelance work can sound tempting, especially to a first-time aspiring author. However there are some things to be taken into consideration before making a final decision. The main reason for authors to employ freelance book editors is because they believe they can save some money. On the face of it the prices might be cheaper when you use freelance book editing but additional cost is likely to appear in other parts of the process. The best way to avoid the risks of employing a freelancer is to ensure that you are receiving the best possible work for your hard earned money.