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Some Questions and Book Editors and Publishers

Here are some questions that are frequently asked about book editors and publishers:

Why can’t I submit the transcript directly to the publisher or agent? Why should I use an editor?

You can if you want to. However, not many publishers recently are using internal editors and this is because of budget limitations. As such, the agents are only representing the ones that they believe have great potential. We work on the areas that require special attention, identify the areas where the problems are and give valuable recommendations on how they can be remedied.

What price do you ask for and what is the waiting period to get the finished edited assignment?

We may not be the cheapest editors found in this type of industry but we certainly do not appear in the list of most costly editing service. What we can guarantee is that you will get more than your money’s worth with our personalized and exceptional service as well as continuous support.

Does your company offer book editors in New York?

Our online book editing services allow us to take on assignments from a wide spectrum of customers including New York.

What do you specialize in?

We offer editing services for most kinds of nonfiction and fiction. Persons who are writing their first book, novices as well as experienced authors will need assistance from the experts. We are also able to give you book editing tips to greatly improve your writing.

What are my chances of finding an editor for my novel that will do a satisfactory job?

We only hire the best of the best so any one of our editors will be able to take on your assignment and give you satisfactory results. You will find references as well as comments from clients that will boost your confidence.

Can you assure me that by book will be published when I hire your services?

To offer a guarantee of this kind is not only untrue but unethical. What we can promise however, is to make the manuscript presentable enough to increase the likelihood of it attracting the attention of a publisher or agent.