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Testimonials for Book Editing Services

I took a couple stabs at going over my book and editing it but I couldn’t bring myself to do more work- it took me a year to finish it. I entrusted it to this service and I’m happy to say that they did a great job and I couldn’t find any mistakes in my book once they were done.

Nigel, UK

I’m not good at things like grammar and structure, so I wanted to get a professional editor to make sure that they were done right and I didn’t make any mistakes. The editor I was assigned did a good job and my book ended up great!

Sharon, Canada

All the professional writers use professional editors, and I wanted my book to be the absolute best so I did the same with this service. I’m happy to say that they got me a really good writer and my book was improved upon getting it after they were done.

Anna, Canada

I’ve never been good at editing my own work, and this book was very important to me so I got help from this service in editing it. They did a very good job, fixed up all the mistakes and even made some suggestions to make it better, and I’m very pleased with the results I got from enlisting their help.

Maria, USA

I was hoping that this service could not just catch the grammar and spelling errors, but find ways to make my book better. Though I suppose they did to an extent, they didn’t make the changes that I hoped and I can’t say that I’m hugely happy with the help that they provided.

Mark, UK

This service did a fantastic job with editing my non-fiction work. Any mistakes that were made were fixed up and the structure was even made better so that it flowed perfectly. I’m very pleased with the job that they did!

Aaron, USA

Great job guys! The editor they provided me with followed all my directions and even made some suggestions I didn’t foresee that truly made the book better. Thanks so much!

Samantha, Canada

Disappointed with this service. The editor they gave me didn’t do the job that I hoped and I was expecting better than what I got back. Won’t be using this service again.

Terry, UK